We can recommend you amazing tours and activities in the local jungles, rivers and at the Andaman Sea that will make your stay at our Khao Lak resort truly unforgettable. Trips around the area would certainly be the most fun loving and fascinating thing to get spoiled with.

For your request we are happy to organise private tours as well. For more information please contact our reception desk!

Discover the breathtaking small islands and white sand beaches in the Andaman Sea! Enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water, wonderful national parks and the soft white sand under your sole. Book your one day trip and get some unforgettable memories!

Recommended islands:

  • James Bond Island
  • Similan Islands
  • Surin Island
  • Phi Phi/Bamboo Island
  • Rok Island

Phang Nga province and Khao Lak area are famous for their national parks, evergreen rainforest, jungles, stunning waterfalls, wide variety of flora and fauna. This is a good opportunity to combine nature with jungle adventures and other activities (canoeing, kayaking, observing colourful birds, etc).

  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Cheow Lan Lake and Rachaphrapha Dam
  • Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park
  • Si Phang Nga National Park
  • Sai Rung Waterfall
  • Chong Fah Waterfall
  • Lampi Waterfall

Discover the local specialties around Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province. Visit local festivals, Takua Pa Old Town and Seaside fishing villages, old temples, weekend market, try Dim Sum and talk with local people.

Recommended festivals:

  • Chinese Vegetarian Festival
  • Loy Kratong
  • Songkran

You can visit various, beautiful temples and learn about Buddhism. Cave temple, Monkey Temple, and many others are waiting for you in the area.

You have many options for this activity and don’t miss out the beautiful islands! Crystal clear turquoise water, wonderful corals, you can swim with turtles and beautiful fishes and it is easy to find Nemo.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Centre Royal Thai Navy is saving endangered sea turtles since 1995. They do nursery for over 10.000 turtles a year to make them ready for releasing back to the Andaman Sea.

Elephant friendly program to get exceptional experience with elephants. You can prepare their foods and feed them, bath them and get to know  better with these majestic giants.

A trip to the open sea on a long tail boat can give you a unique experience of sea fishing. You can learn from local fishermen, find variable sea fishes and enjoy the sunset on the Andaman Sea. If you are lucky you can take your dinner ingredients back to land and a local beach restaurant can take care of it for you.

Experience the variable and delicious authentic taste of Thai food. Try street food, go to the markets and beach restaurants. Eat with forks and spoons and put some Thai spice in your life!


Experience traditional Thai massage in the refreshing sea breeze. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate.